Dear Student

We all know how easy it is to let time slip through our fingers, to let minutes go to waste. And yet your brain works best in short bursts; you learn most in the first 5 and the last 5 minutes of any learning experience. It makes sense, then, to break down your learning into 15 minute chunks.

The revision ideas on this website give you the structure to use small chunks of time, especially 15 minute chunks. You can use the revision ideas any time to revise topics; to review what you’ve learnt in lessons earlier in the day or to prepare for a forthcoming lesson; the tools are for you to use to review what you have learnt and to plan for your examinations.

We hope this website helps you to reinforce your learning and that you find it useful; any feedback on how we could improve it would be much appreciated.

And remember, all we want is for you to do your best. That’s all. No-one can ask more than that of you.

Good luck!

Mrs Scott