Paper folding: fortune tellers

This technique is useful in helping you to identify key words from a topic and practice spelling them. It can also be used to help recall of key factual pieces of information.

You will need a square piece of paper to make your fortune teller.

Fortune teller


Step One
Choose 4 words – they might be words you’d like to learn to spell, or key words you need to learn from the topic. My fortune teller is going to be about angles so I’ll use
These words will go on the outside of the fortune teller.

Step Two
Now choose 8 questions, mine are going to be about angles.
e.g. what is the name of this pair of equal angles?

Alternate angles
then on the inside, write the answer.

Alternative ideas

An alternative is to make a cube (or a tetrahedron or any other 3D shape) and write questions on each of the faces. Here are some templates

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