Body pegs

To use this system you must learn the 20 “body-pegs” shown on the diagram.
This may take about 10 minutes but will prove to be really useful.

You will notice that points numbered 1 to 9. Start at the fingers of one hand; go up the arm, over the head and down to the fingers of the other hand. Points 10 to 20 start at the eyes and move down the body to the feet. You should practice until you are able to point to all 20 “body- pegs” without hesitation.

The principle of the system is that you “attach” one key-word to each body-peg in turn (preferably with a memorable action). When you need to recall your list of key-words, your body (and the actions you have associated with each key-word) acts as a memory-aid.

First of all, you need to identify your list of key-words. This will usually contain from 5 to 15 main points to remember. If it contains more than 20, there is no need to worry: you could group a few of them together at a single body-peg – or you can use all 20 body-pegs then start again at number 1.

Let us suppose that the following list of 20 items are your key‐words. You could make the following associations:

1 Right fingers Sandwich Snap your right hand fingers at an imaginary waiter and call for a sandwich.
2 Palm right hand Apple Hold an imaginary apple in the palm of your right hand and take a huge bite.
3 Right elbow Watering can Water the garden – using exaggerated elbow movements.
4 Right shoulder Owl Instead of a parrot – you have an owl (!) perched on your shoulder!
5 Head Football Head a football – and score a goal!
6 Left Shoulder Towel Wipe yourself with a towel and then throw it onto your shoulder.
7 Left elbow Mobile ‘phone Hold a mobile ‘phone to your left ear – and stick your elbow out in an exaggerated way.
8 Palm left hand Door handle Take hold of a huge, rusty, metal door handle in the palm of your hand and turn it slowly with a creaking noise.
9 Left fingers Car-keys Hold car-keys between finger and thumb – turn them to start the car.
10 Eyes The Sun Squint your eyes against the glare of the sun.
11 Nose Pen Stick an imaginary (!) pen through the septum (middle part) of your nose.
12 Mouth Sausage Put a sausage into your mouth – sideways!
13 Ears Safety pin Pretend to pierce your ear with a safety pin.
14 Chest Drawing pin Pretend to stick a drawing pin into your chest.
15 Tummy The Earth Push your belly forward so that it is as huge as the Earth.
16 Behind Carrier bag It could be an ASDA carrier bag – and their advertising campaign is to tap your back pocket twice.
17 Right knee Glass of wine Balance a glass of wine on your knee as you stand on one leg.
18 Left knee Bottle Balance a bottle on the other knee.
19 Right foot Hedgehog Oops! You just trod on a hedgehog!
20 Left foot Cat A lucky black cat rubs up against your leg, purring loudly.

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