Visual learning

Let pictures help you remember more than words with this technique.


  1. Find a paragraph of text and highlight the main keywords (avoid highlighting every other word in the paragraph)
  2. Find or draw images that represent the words that you have highlighted
  3. Replace the highlighted words in the text with the images. Display  this around your house or revision area – on the stairs or even in the bathroom. You will be reading and remembering the paragraph and the importance of the images
  4. After a few days of having the information displayed around your house, remove all of the words and just place the images next to each other in their place in a line
  5. Display the images around your house again, but this time ‘read’ the images out loud
  6. Close your eyes and visualise the order of the images. ‘Read’ the paragraph out loud multiple times each day
  7. When you are in the exam just close your eyes and remember the images in order. The words will come to you easily and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you ace the question in the exam paper


Just remember to break large chunks of text into smaller paragraphs and don’t try to remember too many words that aren’t essential to the process or formula.

You can view an example of this visual learning revision technique here.

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