Use this technique to help you to remember a diagram/image.

Paper version

Draw the diagram/image that you want to remember or find a copy online and print it out.

Cut out the pieces randomly. I suggest you use card, rather than paper, for durability. If you can’t print onto card, print onto paper and then stick the paper onto the card before cutting it up, or print onto paper and laminate the paper.

Challenge yourself to recreate the diagram/image from the pieces as quickly as you can.

Online version

Find an online copy of the diagram/image that you want to remember or draw it on your iPad and take a screenshot.

Add the diagram/image file to www.jigsawplanet.com and it will create a jigsaw puzzle for you.

Challenge yourself to complete the jigsaw puzzle as quickly as you can.

Don’t forget to share your online puzzles with your friends and your teacher.


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